Heartburn Facts

What is heartburn Let’s start off our heartburn facts by explaining what heartburn is and how it occurs.. It starts out as a discomfiting feeling which can feel like burning in the chest which can spread to the mouth area and neck/throat. Sometimes it can feel like food is coming back into your mouth as if you were throwing up. You can also experience a nasty taste and flavor in your mouth.

Heartburn facts

Did you know that there are over 60 million Americans who get heartburn on a regular basis – more than one time each month. 25 million Americans have difficulty with heartburn every single day. You might not have known that this many people suffer from heartburn, but they do. A lot of people put it down to poor nutrition and bad food choices. Many Americans do not have the right education on what they should or should not eat, many people see this as a failing in the American schooling system.
Heartburn foods

Most people that experience heartburn can pinpoint the exact item of food that caused the unpleasant effects. I’m sure you’ve heard of someone you know complaining that they can’t eat certain foods because it will give them heartburn? Well now you know that most people actually know what will give them heartburn and what is safe to eat!
Nightime heartburn
Have you ever had heartburn in the evening? Well it’s actually much more common than you might have known with over eighty percent of people who complain about heartburn experiencing it at night time. More than 70% of people also find that it can get so bad it will actually wake them up during the night and can sometimes stop them from falling asleep again afterwards. I remember the first time I got heartburn in the night, it was actually quite scary as I had not had it before, it woke me up and then prevented me from sleeping! The next day it was also quite bad, this is what 40% of people who get heartburn also say – that it’s so bad they can’t function as well the next day!
Not just what you eat can effect your heartburn, there are tons of other reasons too. It’s actually a condition which can be caused by other health problems and so it should be taken seriously, if you cannot narrow down the exact reasons for heartburn then it’s possible you should actually go and get it checked out before it turns worse.
The lower espohageal sphincter is the part of your body which separates the stomach from the esophagus. When you get heartburn, this part of your body actually opens which lets stomach acid and sometimes contents back up the espohapgus. This can result in that nasty feeling that you get.
choose the right things
Some people find that they can really relieve their symptoms by leading a slightly different lifestyle. Smoking, stress, diet and alcohol can all contribute to a nasty heartburn experience and should be regarded as things you may want to cut out of your lifestyle. If there is a specific food that gives you heartburn then you’ll want to stop eating that too. If you get heartburn then you might want to think about the last thing that you ate, if you start to see a connection on a regular basis then you might want to cut that food out of your diet.
Pregnant woman and the elderly are the people who are most likely to get heartburn. Both these groups of people also may not want to take medicine and actually look for a more natural cure as they are already taking other drugs or they don’t want to harm the baby which is growing inside them.
See a doctor if it is really bad
If you constantly suffer from heartburn then you really need to get it checked out by a doctor, it can lead to very serious illnesses because the lining of various organs is constantly being eroded by the acid from the stomach. Too much erosion can break and scar the inside of your body which leads to a whole lot of other complications.

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