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Heartburn home remedies are a great way to help your heartburn whilst reducing any possible side effects. There are many causes for heartburn like being overweight, a smoker, alcohol, pregnancy, or even from eating large meals and the wrong foods.

heartburn home remedies

When heartburn occurs,it is actually not your heart that is burning, but your oesophagus. This burning sensation happens when hydrochloric acid is released up into the oesophagus. A muscle called the sphincter is supposed to contract stopping this from happening but if this muscle isn’t working properly, the symptoms will start.

If this process is repeated and the oesophagus receives constant flows of hydrochloric acid, then you could possibly scar your oesophagus causing reactions in cell lining, which could cause cancer.

One of the best things you can do is to prevent the stomach acids from interfering with your oesophagus is by neutralizing these acids as well as preventing the acid from reaching your oesophagus in the first place.

Permanently Cure Your Heartburn Problem

So generally what you want to be doing is looking after you’re oesophagus, keeping acid away from your stomach (i.e. keeping your acidic levels to a minimum) and any of these heartburn home remedies will help your body do at least one of those things.

The best way you can go about this is by finding some structure to all you’re remedies. You will want to find a balance as well to all of the different options as there are so many of them. It’s probably best to just keep all these in mind throughout your day, do what you can, and you will definitely see some results.

A great resource we’ve found that has shown some of the best yet results for heartburn is a guide written by Jeff Martin entitled ‘Heartburn No more’ it gives you a natural methods to get rid of your heartburn along with a great diet plan too. It has proven to show great results immediately after use.

The reason this cure is so helpful is that it can be confusing to understand the dosages and amounts of heartburn home remedies that you should take and how many times a day etc you should take them, Jeff Martin solves this problem by revealing to you the exact methods that have been proven time after time to cure thousands of other people’s heartburn problem.

Here is a link to the book, Click Here.

get rid of heartburn

We would recommend this purely as it gives you an actual system you can go by, without any guessing or trial and error. It also will help your heartburn permanently as well as reducing the symptoms instantly. It is also completely natural and so fits in well with our heartburn home remedies, without causing any side effects, or use of drugs at all.

Heartburn in small amounts is quite normal, it is only when the stomach starts to shoot back a lot more acid than normal that heartburn can become a worry and very unpleasant.

It is important that you treat it before it becomes something a lot worse later on, such as a serious inflammation of the oesophagus or internal bleeding.

This brings us to our first few Heartburn Home Remedies

So Here’s a List of our top heartburn home remedies:

Baking Soda

baking soda
This can help to neutralize your stomach acids as it has an alkaline pH. This can stop any acid that does travel up to you oesophagus being as harmful, causing less of a burning sensation.

You might like to mix the baking soda with lemon juice to subside the gas created by the baking soda. You want to be careful not to drink the baking soda on its own though this can be dangerous for the stomach.

Vegetable Juices

vegetable juice

Another great way to neutralize stomach acids is to obtain the juices from vegetables. If you have a blender at home you could blend a few different vegetables together and this will help to minimize your acid levels. If you can’t get the juices then it’s also fine to eat them raw too.

Chewing Gum

chewing gum

Surprisingly, another one of our great heartburn home remedies, which is very easy, is chewing gum. Chewing gum causes saliva to be swallowed and this can help neutralize the acid levels in your stomach too.

Also chewing helps digestion to take place in the stomach, which generally can reduce acid levels. Try to stick to Sugar free gum as it protects the teeth a lot more.

Remain Upright

Another way to keep your acid from getting to your oesophagus is just by remaining upright. If you are lying horizontally there are small amounts of liquids from your stomach that can travel to the bottom you your oesophagus.

Eat small amounts

Eating quite often in small amounts is also a better diet for dealing with heartburn. This again prevents large quantities of stomach acid being produced at once.

Drink some milk

A small amount of milk is good for heartburn; it can bring an instant soothing effect. It takes away acid that has built up in the oesophagus. The fat in milk actually stimulates the acid in the stomach to be produced.

Too much milk isn’t great however and can have negative affects on your heartburn. It is best to keep it to 8 ounces each serving.

Milk is also best used before the acid reflux starts so is one of the precautionary heartburn home remedies. Remember to take it before you eat foods which tend to give you heartburn


Aloe is an inflammatory, which can be used for heartburn. Drink half a cup of Aloe a few times a day and that can treat your oesophagus or stomach too. Watch out though the Aloe can be laxative!

Slippery Elm

slippery Elm
Slippery Elm is an old age cure, proven to help with many different illnesses. This herbal remedy thickens the outside of your stomach allowing it too withstand the acid in you stomach a lot better.


Quite an unusual home remedy is vinegar. It’s unusual due to the fact you are actually adding an acid to your body and it acts as an antidote! Vinegar contains acetic acid which when placed at certain points of your oesophagus, triggers off the salivary glands to start working as well as the digestive system. If you drink vinegar, the body responds to this and try’s to subside your heartburn. This acid should not be taken in large quantities every day or can be potentially dangerous. It’s not something that’s said to work for everyone but we think it’s definitely worth a try as of any of the other heartburn home remedies we’ve mentioned. (Any vinegar can be used)

Marshmallow Root

Marshmallow Root
One of the oldest heartburn home remedies is marshmallow root. This creates a thick but runny substance that covers the mucous membranes on the inner part of you oesophagus that looks after them.

This is a great way to instantly sooth your heartburn if it is getting very painful.

You should be able to buy this at any health store or online.

A few other less used but still effective heart burn home remedies are:

Using iodine- a lack of Iodine is common in most peoples diets. Improving this can eventually settle your heartburn.

Pineapple- can act as a good inflammatory and is believed to help protein digestion, this will help your heartburn.

Mustard or Apple Cider Vinegar- these are both good sources of vinegar, which as explained previously can help your heart burn a lot.

Sleeping Upright- if you sleep upright you’ll have a good few hours without letting possible stomach acid leaking into you oesophagus.

More herbs- Anglica, peppermint and Caraway.

Honey- A small amount of honey straight after a meal.

The Juices from Potatoes- including the outer layer.

Avoid These Things

No Smoking Or Drinking

Whilst knowing what should be taken it is also important to know what should be avoided as well to stop your heartburn from getting any worse. A few things you should try to avoid as much a possible are:

Drinking Alcohol – this encourages the production of stomach acid and can stop the sphincter muscle from functioning normally. Alcohol can also makes the oesophagus more delicate and vulnerable to damage.

Tough or hard foods- these can be painful for the oesophagus. Easy to digest foods are better such as rice, cheese, yoghurts, juices from vegetables. Keep away from meat like ham, pepperoni and deli meats.

Spicy Food – this can irritate the oesophagus.

Smoking – smoking slows down the rate of your saliva production. Saliva is good for protecting the oesophagus as well as having some neutralizing affects too. This means that smoking will be worsening the symptoms and stopping you from getting rid of the heartburn. Smoking slows the production of your saliva but it helps to produce stomach acid too so it is in fact the opposite of a heartburn home remedy.

Eating just before Bed – your body has a lot more acid in it within 2 hours of eating so lying down at this point will increase the risk of acid getting into your oesophagus and irritating it.

Tight Clothing- if you are wearing a tight belt it can put pressure on your stomach, pushing food onto the sphincter muscle.

Have a look at our other pages where you can learn how to get rid of heartburn and see all our acid reflux relief cures.

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