How To Get Rid Of Heartburn

heartburnWe’ll show you how to get rid of heartburn naturally.  You no longer need to be a slave to your heartburn!How to get rid of heartburn naturally, that’s the question that millions of Americans are asking on a regular basis. It’s not difficult to get rid of heartburn and the discomfort associated with it, but if you really want to cure yourself you must first understand the causes of heartburn.Gastroesophageal reflux disease, as it is also called, is caused by acid from the stomach creeping back up into the tube that connects your mouth to your stomach. This acid then starts to irritate the lining of this tube (the esophagus) and causes the pain and discomfort that you feel in your chest.Let’s look at how to get rid of heartburn using a number of different techniques:

How To Get Rid Of Heartburn Naturally

Meeting with your dietician or doctor can be a great start to cure your heartburn and move on with your life. They will be able to run a few tests and come up with a solution for you. Many times the root cause of acid reflux or heartburn is actually diet. Other times it is something completely different but your doctor should be able to determine this.
You can also cure heartburn by yourself. Online there are extremely good paid resources which reveal and explain to you exactly how to live a life where heartburn is a thing of the past. One such guide is written by Jeff Martin, a former heartburn sufferer with 11+ years of research experience in the field.
how to get rid of heartburn
This is a great option if you want to take control of your heartburn problem immediately and naturally. Martin starts by laying out a few easy steps to stop your heartburn discomfort immediately and then shows you how to stop heartburn from ever coming back. Click Here to have a look at Jeff Martin’s cure.

How To Get Rid Of Heartburn The Right Way

Natural remedies are seen as a much safer alternative to using drugs bought at the pharmacy. This is also the reason that these remedies and cures are favored by pregnant women.
Some drugs and medications can actually harm the unborn baby so a lot of mothers-to-be prefer to use a natural remedy instead to cure their heartburn.
It’s all very well curing your heartburn symptoms and getting rid of the pain but when you are experiencing heartburn regularly, you need to actually find the root of the problem and cure that instead. As you will learn it is not healthy to have heartburn/acid reflux as a re-occurring thing because that can lead to serious health complications.
Imagine you had a boat and it had a small hole in the bottom.

What would you do?

Would you get a bucket and start scooping the water out of the boat and back into the sea or instead would you find the hole and seal it so that no more water could enter the boat?
It’s obviously far more logical to mend the hole in the boat so that the problem will be permanently solved.
Taking heartburn medication such as Pepto-Bismol and other drugs is the same as trying to scoop out the water from your boat. If you really want to fix the problem then you need to fix the root cause of the problem.

pepto-bismolHow to get rid of heartburn with DRUGS

Hear us out! We know you’re looking for a natural cure for heartburn and we’re with you on that, but let’s take a minute to understand the reasons behind why drugs work to stop heartburn and also the problems with them.
Heartburn drugs that can be purchased over the counter from any local pharmacy. These include Alka-Seltzer, Rolaids and Pepto-Bismol. All these drugs that belong to a group called Antacids.
These work by neutralizing the acid in the stomach so that it is not as irritating to the lining of your esophagus (the tube that connects your mouth and stomach). Antacids can include ingredients that cause diarrhoea and some people report such side effects, including stomach cramps and also constipation.

Acid Reducers are a different group of drugs and they also work to combat heartburn. These drugs do not neutralize acid in the stomach but they actually stop the stomach from producing acid. There are two types of acid reducers, H2 blockers and PPIs (Proton pump inhibitors).
You can buy some H2 blockers over the counter including, Pepcid AC, Zantac 75 and Tagamet HB. These medicines are successful at stopping heartburn in the short term but if taken for too long they can cause serious side effects such as chest tightness, bleeding, fever, irregular heartbeat and weakness. If you have any of these side effects you should contact a doctor immediately as it could be a sign of something more serious.
You can take a combination of Antacids and Acid Reducers which work to combat heartburn fast, Pepcid Complete works to stop acid being produced and also neutralizes the acid that is already there to give a more rounded cure.

However this medicine is not without its side effects either.

The problem with drugs

The main problem with all these drugs is that they only work to cure the symptoms of heartburn and not the actual cause. This is why you see some people that need to take Alka-Seltzer around with them everywhere – because they never cure their heartburn, they are only stopping the side effects.

6ae4bd4c-3713-4685-801c-6c0e8d7820cbEffective Cures

Natural remedies for heartburn are often a much better alternative cure. These remedies actually target the root cause of heartburn and prevent it from ever coming back, you could call these treatments more ‘permanent’ as they work to make sure you don’t suffer from heartburn again.
Did you know that if you don’t treat heartburn it can lead to some serious health complications including scarring in your tissue and cancer? This is why it is important to actually target the root cause of acid reflux and stop it from re-occurring.

We can show you how to get rid of heartburn right now but first we need to ask you some questions to make sure you are actually suffering from heartburn and not something different.
A Few Questions For You:

  • Do you have a feeling of blockage or food stuck in your chest?
  • Is there a burning feeling in your chest?
  • Is the burning sensation made worse by lying down or bending over?
  • Does eating make you feel sick?
  • At night time is the sensation worse?
  • Are you also experiencing a cough?
  • Is your throat sore?

If you have replied yes to any of the questions above then you could be experiencing this problem and will need to find out how to get rid of heartburn, let’s read on and discover some easy remedies that you can do right now just using ingredients that you will probably already have in your home.

Below are some great natural heartburn cures..


That’s right, eating a teaspoon of yellow mustard can actually cure your heartburn. It works by soothing and reducing acid amounts in the stomach and esophagus. This is a heartburn cure favored by pregnant women as it is not harmful for the baby unlike other OTC medications that you can buy from the pharmacy.
Note: swallowing a teaspoon of yellow mustard isn’t the most pleasant thing but it does work to quickly stop heartburn so if you’re really in discomfort then this is a must-try.


One tablespoon of regular honey that you find in your kitchen can be an awesome cure for heartburn. It works to soothe the esophagus and has been reported to put a stop to heartburn extremely quickly.
Honey fights bacteria, reduces inflammation and also stimulates the regrowth of tissue which helps heal your inflamed insides.



Some people swear by a cup of hot herbal tea and a little drizzle of honey to cure their heartburn. This also works by soothing your insides and calming down the acid reactions which are taking place inside you.
Not many people even consider something as simple as a cup of tea but thousands of people say it really works.

baking-sodaBaking Soda & Ginger Spice

By mixing a cup of baking soda and ginger spice together in a cup of water you can get rid of heartburn quite easily.
Again this doesn’t taste great, actually it tastes similar to Alka-Seltzer but it much cheaper and easy to make at home. This does produce sodium so watch out if you’re on a low sodium diet.

lemon juiceLemon Juice & Baking Soda

Take a tall glass, fill with two tablespoons of baking soda then fill half up with cold water then squeeze one whole lemon into the mixture.  This works to cure heartburn quite effectively temporarily but does create sodium in the system so if you’re on a low sodium diet this probably isn’t for you!

Apple-Cider-VinegarOrganic Apple Cider Vinegar

Take a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and follow up with a quick glass of water. This will work to neutralize the acid in your stomach and esophagus and should lead to some quick relief.
If you don’t have organic cider then the regular apple cider vinegar will work too.
In fact you can actually use any vinegar, white or brown and it will do a similar job. No vinegar tastes that nice but Apple vinegar probably tastes better than some others!

chewing gumChew Some Gum

As funny as it sounds chewing gum can actually be a great way to cure the side effects of acid reflux and calm the pain. If you don’t have anything else but you have some gum lying around try chewing a few sticks and see if it doesn’t ease your heartburn pain.



Eating almonds can reduce heartburn irritation and is a great way in how to get rid of heartburn. You can either eat around 5-10 raw almonds which will last for quite a long time or you can soak the almonds overnight then peel the skins and make a paste from them by adding a little water and crushing then add some more water and drink the solution.  Almonds are a good source of Magnesium, Potassium, Iron, Phosphorous and Vitamin E.


Take 2 Pieces of Raw Ginger (small pieces about 2cm around) then grind them up and add to a cup of water, put this in the microwave for 2 minutes and then sip.  This should quickly work to stop your heartburn and you should feel relief from your acid reflux in a matter of minutes.



Many people swear by milk, either a full glass or a mixture of milk and water. This is usually a measure people take before eating though to stop heartburn before it occurs. It basically works by giving the stomach a thing coating of milk which protects it from the acid.

So if you already have acid reflux you may want to try one of the other solutions above.
But be sure to drink some milk the next time you are about to eat some food that you think may cause you heartburn!

Many people swear by milk, either a full glass or a mixture of milk and water. This is usually a measure people take before eating though to stop heartburn before it occurs. It basically works by giving the stomach a thing coating of milk which protects it from the acid. So if you already have acid reflux you may want to try one of the other solutions above.

Foods That Can Cause Heartburn

If you want to know how to get rid of heartburn but think the problem may lie within your diet then let’s have a look at some no-no foods and also what you can safely eat without and fear of heartburn.

Citrus Fruits

Although used in some cures for heartburn, sometimes citrus fruit can actually be the cause of your heartburn. Grapefruit, Oranges and their respective juices can all be huge causes of heartburn. This is because they contain a quantity of acid. If you eat these foods on an empty stomach they can be particularly bad.


Again, these contain a quantity of acid and can lead to acid reflux problems. We talked about chewing gum above and the main reason this works is because it produces saliva which neutralizes the acid inside you. Another tip is to eat a sour candy as this also stimulates saliva production.

Spicy Food

Spicy food can cause heartburn too as they irritate the lining of your stomach and esophagus. The best thing to do is limit the amount of spicy food you eat or just eat milder food.

Keep a Food Diary

The best thing to do if you’re not sure which foods may be causing the heartburn is to keep a log of all foods consumed and the ones that trigger the heartburn and cause the most discomfort then you will know what to avoid and what is okay.

Things like toast, cottage cheese and apples are all safe foods that don’t normally trigger acid reflux in most people.
So in conclusion let’s recap what we’ve learnt today. How to get rid of heartburn is the key question that we want to address and answer and the solution comes into a few different categories;
In the very short term you can take drugs and medications from the pharmacy such as Pepto-Bismol and Alka-Seltzer.
In the longer term and if you are pregnant or don’t want chemicals and drugs inside you then you can use one of the many natural remedies that we listed above.

How To Get Rid Of Heartburn Permanently

And to completely get rid of heartburn fast and for good you should either see your doctor, dietician or seek other advice. You can get started right now on your journey to your new life where heartburn never bothers you again, just check out all the information given by Jeff Martin on his website here.

He guarantees to get rid of your heartburn permanently without using prescription medication or drugs, only natural remedies that you will be able to buy cheaply and locally, you’ll probably have half of the things needed lying around your house.
Take control of your heartburn problem now. You can also read our other resources on heartburn. We have another page of heartburn home remedies as well as a page on acid reflux relief.

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